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Have you ever wondered what soil sounds like? Us too. Pick a local spot and listen to what we found.

Wingecarribee, New South Wales

This is an interactive map. Choose a circle on a stick thing icon to listen to sound at that location. On the top right you can change about some info layers. On the left you can read the key which will tell you what all the colours on the map mean.

This Inspiring Australia initiative is supported by the Australian Government as part of National Science Week.


Hope you enjoyed it. What did you hear? I bet you wish there were more sounds. Well, that’s where you come in. We can lend you the same equipment we use to record underground sound. We’ll tell you how. If you have an hour outside and can pass through Burradoo or Moss Vale, you can pick up a kit, and then drop it off on your way home. Then send us the sound and if we can use it we will use it to make the map even better. How does that sound? Go here, or email here, or call 0404 629 909


SEED Citizen Science Hub

Sharing and Enabling Environmental Data in NSW. The Central Resource for the NSW Citizen Science community

Citizen science is becoming an increasingly significant and important contributor to the pool of data being used to create a more accurate picture of our biodiversity and ultimately advance scientific knowledge.

Seedscape Ltd is a social enterprise with the remit of using leading edge science and technological innovation to further the aims of land regeneration and climate change mitigation more broadly. We foster start-ups with similar goals and engage with Government and private business to maximise the potential benefits from solutions which would otherwise languish in the planning phase or lose impetus due to red-tape. We’re always interested in new ideas, so please get in touch at to see if working together to save the world make sense for all parties.

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