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Soil Sounds Project - Booking form

 If you are interested in recording soil sounds in the Wingecarribee as part of the Seedscape Soil Sounds Science Week activity you can book from here. The most exciting recordings will become part of the interactive sound map of soils. By the end of project, there will be an extensive collection of sounds.

You can listen to and compare sounds from a wide range of soils, e.g. allotments, wildflower meadows, grassland, arable fields, vineyards, orchards, permaculture soils, compost heaps, golf fairways and woodland.

Book equipment now to start recording the soil.

  • Stand-alone portable audio mixer, preamplifier and hydrophone supplied

    4 hr

  • Laptop needed. Mic to USB, preamplifier and hydrophone supplied.

    4 hr

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