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Are you a nature noise expert? Can you tell the difference between a frog and a bird? We need keen-eared kids with quick click fingers to take the challenge. 

Become a nature sounds clicker for science.

You’ll find a moving cloud of tags, in different colours.

Listen to the track and use the colour code key to click the right tag when you hear a sound you think is shown on the key.

Things like frog, bird, cricket…but be quick. The faster you click the right tag the better the science will be.

Kids who play games often have fast hand-eye coordination, faster than most grown-ups. That means being able to see something and then react with your hands really quickly, like looking at a screen and clicking a mouse.

Every click helps us with the brand new science of Ecoacoustics, which means listening to the sounds of the natural world to understand what’s going on and who is making all the racket. This could help scientists figure out more about an ecosystem just from the sounds, but only with your help.

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