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C02 from me & you

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Earth, if you look at like an apple, has a skin of atmosphere. That skin is 20 times thinner than the apple skin would be. Point is, for the size of our planet, our atmosphere is thin. It makes sense, seeing as you live on earth, to understand what we are doing to it. Ever since humans figured out how to burn stuff we can been converting stored carbon into atmospheric carbon. Back then it was wood, now it’s much more, oil, gas, coal, all of which are much more concentrated forms of carbon and we’re burning more of it than we ever have. Science has been studying what effect we‘ve been having on the planet with all our carbon burning for a long time. Keeping records, making predictions. Now, they’re certain. We’re responsible for climate change. So, it’s happening to everyone and you deserve to know how we can fix it. This worksheet covers renewable energies and how even they have costs and benefits. Be your own expert and download the PDF.


Here’s Link to the PDF.

Carbon Worksheet
Download PDF • 4.33MB

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